Being registered to the conference entitles the participants to attend all scientific activities as well as the welcome cocktail and the farewell dinner. We are happy to be able to invite all accompanying people to the welcome cocktail while the farewell dinner imposes us an additional cost of 50 EURO per non-registered participant. The registration fees are as in the following table:

NOT SSCW MEMBER30 €210€/180€*
  * 180€ applies to those who are from lower income countries or retired

The additional fee charged to non-members includes a membership in the society and thus a subscription to the journal.

Please fill the registration form and fax it to +90 212 2306359. The form is designed so as to be filled over the computer. If the Adobe version you use causes any problem, you can either download Adobe Reader 7.0 or print the blank form and fill it by hand.

In case any problem occurs in faxing the form, you may send it as an email attachment to Please contact the Organization Committee if you don’t receive a confirmation email within two days after having faxed your form.

Please note that all participants (including students who do not pay a fee) are asked to be registered until the 15th of June. Those who are not registered by June 15th will be assumed to have withdrawn their paper. Registration fees are refundable upon request until the 10th of July.